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    Kosher Gourmet

    Our Price:  $79.99

    This gorgeous gourmet basket brimming with kosher delights is always appropriate and always appreciated for any occasion.

    Hot Cocoa Mix, (1.25 oz.1 count); Milk Chocolate Grahams, (1 oz.2 count);Ghirardelli Milk 32% Creamy Devotion Bar, (5.25 oz.1 count);Portlock Smoked Salmon, Blue, (2 oz.1 count); Tea, Classics, Earl Grey,( 0.56 oz.1 count); Dried Fruit Medley , (2 oz.1 count); Ghirardelli Milk 32% Creamy Devotions Bag, (3.5 oz.1 count); Toasted Sesame Crackers, (2 oz.1 count); Almond Tea Cookies, (7 oz.1 count); Organic Roasted & Salted In-Shell Pistachios,( 2.5 oz.1 count);

    * Please note that on occasion, some items maybe substituted with other items of equal or greater value